Friday, 7 October 2011

e-Agri Evolution

I am conscious that this blog has been quite for a while. This is diametrically opposite to what has been happening in e-Agri in the past 12-24 months. Our activity in e-Agri has now been extended from our team at Manchester and brought under the, industry led, UK KTN initiative in the UK and in particular the e-Agri area on their website. If you have interests in becoming involved in this nascent concept then please take a look at both the "_Connect" site and our local site at Manchester. Following the e-Agri Landscaping event in July please comment, on the e-Agri area, in particular, if you have ideas to help build project partnerships under this theme. At this early stage, we want to be inclusive of all ideas, no mater of their source and how diverse they may be, to help us influence the wider e-Agri thinking and open the doors for a vibrant COST Action and future "Horizon 2020" support in this area.

A word of caution, especially for sole researchers and micro SMEs please email me first ( before risking putting your ideas into the public domain as I want to make sure that all potential contributors hit a happy line between ownership of innovative ideas whilst being able to share the implications with potential beneficiaries. That said, irrespective of whether you are coming from a University, big Industry, SME or sole researcher, all ideas are welcome to bring you in and help form our combined e-Agri strategy for future project and product delivery.